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As defence depends increasingly on sustaining complex, new and evolving warfighting systems, the need for effective and adaptable logistics grows ever more vital.  

Current generation Enterprise Resource Planning/Logistics (ERP/L) systems have been tried extensively, though many argue this is failing due to compromised usability as the systems grow and become difficult to navigate efficiently and effectively.  ERP/Ls also quickly become incompatible with evolving enterprise processes because they are so complex and expensive to modify.

Research shows up to 90% of ERP/L deployments fail to improve enterprise efficiency. This is despite ERP/L deployments typically requiring massive investment, often over a long duration.  

Traditional ERP/L concept-of-operations consist largely of nested, tiered, and interlaced forms that makes system navigation complex.  

Contrastingly, Next Generation Logistics (NGL) systems achieve improved efficiency, quality, resilience, and safety though enhanced usability. Usability is achieved through the proactive delivery of information, the orchestration of workflow, and monitoring against unambiguous and logical schedules.  

Read our whitepaper to explore how the information environment in NGLs is optimised and presented in real-time for different user classes/roles, filtered according to time and location, thus minimising or eliminating the time required for navigation.

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